Contemporary Figures in Watercolour: Speed, Gesture and Story by Leo Crane & Roy Joseph Butler

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Painter Leo Crane and art model Roy Joseph Butler explore how to interpret the gestures and movements of the figure through the language of paint. Through a range of exercises, they show how to work with the fluidity and immediacy of watercolour to create lively paintings that are bursting with character and narrative possibility.

With experience in both fine art and animation, they share tips on bringing life to the figure, and encourage you to discover a liberating and enjoyable approach to paint. Packed with techniques, exercises and step-by-step demonstrations, the book covers:

  • The Figure: Observing the human figure and working with life models.
  • Watercolour: Materials, tools, techniques and colour theory.
  • Speed: Capturing movement and painting at speed, with two-minute studies.
  • Gesture: Poses, sequences and conveying expression.
  • Story: Creating mood, context, composition and narrative.
  • Beyond the Figure: Bringing human energy and movement to still life, animals and landscapes.
  • From the models: Life model case studies.

Paintings by Leo feature throughout to demonstrate the working process through to finished product. With a focus on the dynamic exchange between artist and subject, speed, gesture and story, this book will appeal to artists looking anew at life painting and who are eager to capture the essence of character in movement.

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