Da Vinci. Cosmotop Mix B. Series 5530. Size 26

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Da Vinci Cosmotop Mix B Series 5530 Round Watercolour Brushes are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic hair. They are perfect for precise and detailed work in watercolour, and also for silk and glass painting. These brushes can even be used for acrylics provided they are cleaned immediately after use.


The natural hair is used in the belly of the brush and the synthetic hair for the tip. This combination gives optimal colour uptake and flow to the tip and allows for excellent control, making these brushes an inexpensive alternative to sable brushes.


Da Vinci Cosmotop Mix B Series 5530 Round Watercolour Brushes have short, dark blue lacquered handles which are hexagonal in the middle to prevent rolling. They have seamless silver ferrules.

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