Faber Castell Pencil Jumbo Grip Pencils (Set of 12)

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A case for kindergarten children and school beginners with 12 Faber Castell JUMBO GRIP colored pencils. Recommended by many educators, because the ergonomic triangular shape and the patented Soft-GRIP zone ensure relaxed and easy painting and writing. The highly pigmented, soft colored leads not only make children's pictures shine, but also children's eyes when they proudly show their little works of art to their parents. The water solubility of the pigments creates particularly beautiful results: simply apply paint, paint over it with a brush and great watercolor effects are created immediately. The shaft of the pencils is made of wood, the paint is water-based and has the color of the respective lead. The size of the pen is (Ø x L): 9 x 175 mm, the lead has a diameter of 4 mm. A name field that can be labeled is used for personalization.

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