Hammershøi - Set of 3 Vases

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Adorable and cozy miniature vases from Kähler Hammershøi. The vases fit nicely together in sets or can be placed around the home whether it is on the table, in the window sill or as a decoration on a shelf. The colors match beautifully with Hammershøi Poppy, and match the colors from that series. Create a nice tableau with the first spring flowers from the garden. The miniature vases from Hammershøi are designed with the characteristic grooves and are mini versions of the iconic Hammershøi vases, which the artist Svend Hammershøi created in Kähler's workshop. There is also ample opportunity to make your own still life with various candlesticks and a vase filled with flowers. In the Hammershøi series you will find everything from candlesticks and vases to plates.

Designed by Hans-Christian Bauer.

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