Playcolor Paint Sticks

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As most parents already know, there’s a fine line between encouraging your kids’ creativity and absolute chaos! For many, the risk of the splashes and spills posed by poster paints rules out a whole host of artistic endeavours. However, we’ve found the answer, in the form of the 12 Pack Playcolor Standard One paint set!

Instead of using liquid colours, brushes and water, these solid tubes are used like pens, but give all the aesthetics of paint! With 12, bright colours in each pack, your little ones can get as arty as they like, without you having to stand, poised with a bucket and mop!

The paints in the 12 Pack Playcolor Standard One set are easy to use, quick drying and offer excellent coverage. What’s more, because the paint is flexible, the colours won’t crack on paper and there’s no need for a protective glaze!

A 21st Century approach to art that’ll keep both parents and budding artists happy!

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