Tombow 8900 Pencil HB Hardness (Set of 12)

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A piece of pencil history, these pencils are legendary amongst pencil lovers.

High quality pencils with a 60-year history. They have a fine lacquer finish in their famous signature dark green colour, an elegant design. The box of 12 in HB hardness is based on their original packaging.

The 8900-HB pencil by Tombow is a traditional retro-style Japanese pencil.

The set contains 12 pencils in a box, each with an HB hardness level. This is ideal for writing and drawing.
The ideal office or school companion, and especially popular with manga fans who value precision and quality in their drawings. Thanks to the Japanese craftsmanship and high-quality varnish, the 8900 HB pencil has an elegant and professional look. The design of the yellow box and green pencil body has remained almost unchanged since 1948, representing more than 60 years of history, making it a piece of history in your hands.

Pencils come unsharpened.

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