Reducing our Carbon Footprint


Here at the Heaton Cooper Studio we’re proud of our Green Small Business accreditation, and we’re continually looking at ways to improve our green credentials, from looking at the packaging we use, right through to building improvement works.

We’re delighted to have been awarded funding through the Lake District Foundation towards several projects to reduce our carbon footprint across our business.  

Earlier this year before the tourist season took off, we carried out work on the roof in our gallery space.  This is the original part of the building, built by William Heaton Cooper in the mid-1930s, which has undergone very little alteration since then; as a result it could get pretty chilly in the winter!

We have now installed eco-friendly insulation, and replaced the single-glazed roof lights for double glazing.  We’re already seeing a difference in the heat retention in this part of the building, and we’re confident this will reduce our energy usage for heating in the winter.

We have a series of projects lined up this year to continue to improve our green credentials; watch this space to see how these develop.

We’re very grateful to the Lake District Foundation, the European Regional Development Fund, Northern Powerhouse, and Low Carbon Lake District for the grant funding they have contributed to this work.