Schmincke Horadam Artists' Watercolours (5ml Tube)

Available Colours

Silver S2 (894)

Gold S2 (893)

Payne's Grey Bluish S1 (787)

Schmincke Payne's Grey S1 (783)

Neutral Tint S1 (782)

Ivory Black S1 (780)

Madder Brown S2 (670)

Vandyke Brown S1 (669)

Burnt Umber S1 (668)

Raw Umber S1 (667)

Sepia Brown S1 (663)

Burnt Sienna S1 (661)

Raw Sienna S1 (660)

Titanium Gold Ochre S2 (659)

Yellow Ochre S1 (655)

English Venetian Red S1 (649)

Indian Red S1 (645)

Permanent Green Olive S2 (534)

Cobalt Green Dark S4 (533)

Sap Green S2 (530)

Prussian Green S2 (528)

Olive Green Yellow S2 (525)

May Green S2 (524)

Hooker's Green S1 (521)

Pthalo Green S1 (519)

Chromium Green Oxide S2 (512)

Cobalt Turquoise S4 (509)

Ultramarine Violet S2 (495)

Ultramarine Finest S2 (494)

Prussian Blue S1 (492)

Cobalt Blue Deep S4 (488)

Cobalt Blue Light S4 (487)

Indigo S2 (485)

Pthalo Blue S1 (484)

Delft Blue S3 (482)

Cerulean Blue Tone S1 (481)

Mountain Blue S1 (480)

Helio Turquoise S1 (475)

Manganese Violet S3 (474)

Scarlet Red S3 (363)

Permanent Red S3 (361)

Alizarin Crimson S1 (357)

Madder Red Dark S3 (354)

Permanent Carmine S3 (353)

Magenta S3 (352)

Cadmium Red Deep S3 (350)

Cadmium Red Light S3 (349)

Cadmium Red Orange S3 (348)

Naples Yellow S2 (229)

Cadmium Orange Deep S3 (228)

Cadmium Yellow Deep S3 (226)

Cadmium Yellow Middle S3 (225)

Cadmium Yellow Light S3 (224)

Indian Yellow S2 (220)

Lemon Yellow S1 (215)

Chrome Orange S2 (214)

Translucent Yellow S2 (209)

Permanent Chinese White S1 (102)

Titanium Opaque White S1 (101)

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Made in Germany by Schmincke since 1881. Horadam artists' watercolours are of traditional top professional quality based only on the finest raw materials, mostly using only 100% pure pigmentation.

Lightfastness:  *****=extremely lightfast  ****=good  ***=lightfast  **=limited  *=less lightfast

We stock a carefully selected range of colours, but not in all pan and tube sizes.

Priced according to series number (S1, S2, S3, S4)

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