Individual Winsor & Newton Artists' Watercolours 5ml Tube

Available Colours

Cadmium Lemon S4

Winsor Lemon S1

Winsor Yellow S1

Lemon Yellow Deep S2

Aureolin S4

Transparent Yellow S1

Turner's Yellow S3

New Gamboge S1

Cadmium Yellow S4

Indian Yellow S1

Cadmium Orange S4

Scarlet Lake S2

Cadmium Red Deep S4

Cadmium Red S4

Cadmium Free Red S4

Winsor Red S1

Rose Dore S4

Quinacridone Red S3

Winsor Red Deep S1

Permanent Alizarin Crimson S3

Alizarin Crimson S1

Permanent Rose S3

Rose Madder Genuine S4

Opera Rose S2

Quinacridone Magenta S3

Permanent Magenta S3

Cobalt Violet S4

Permanent Mauve S3

Ultramarine Violet S2

Winsor Violet (Dioxazine) S1

Indanthrene Blue S3

Cobalt Blue Deep S4

French Ultramarine S2

Ultramarine (Green Shade) S2

Cobalt Blue S4

Winsor Blue (Red Shade) S1

Antwerp Blue S1

Prussian Blue S1

Cerulean Blue (Red Shade) S3

Cerulean Blue S3

Manganese Blue Hue S2

Phthalo Turquoise S2

Cobalt Turquoise S4

Cobalt Turquoise Light S4

Cobalt Green S4

Winsor Green (Blue Shade) S1

Viridian S3

Winsor Green (Yellow Shade) S1

Terre Verte S1

Perylene Green S2

Oxide of Chromium S3

Hookers Green S1

Permanent Sap Green S1

Olive Green S1

Terre Verte (Yellow Shade) S1

Green Gold S2

Naples Yellow S1

Yellow Ochre Light S1

Yellow Ochre S1

Gold Ochre S2

Raw Sienna S1

Transparent Gold Deep S3

Brown Ochre S1

Magnesium Brown S1

Burnt Sienna S1

Light Red S1

Venetian Red S1

Indian Red S1

Brown Madder S1

Potters Pink S2

Perylene Violet S2

Caput Mortuum Violet S2

Raw Umber S1

Burnt Umber S1

Sepia S1

Indigo S1

Paynes Gray S1

Ivory Black S1

Lamp Black S1

Mars Black S1

Davys Gray S1

Chinese White S1

Titanium White (Opaque) S1

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Watercolour more than any other medium relies upon the variable characteristics of the pigments used. Our Professional Water Colours use only the purest pigments, and are known for their brilliance, permanence and strength of colour.

Unrivalled Transparency
The transparency of Professional Water Colour is due to the way the pigment is dispersed during manufacture. In thin washes, the colour is present but the reflective white of the paper can still be seen. The colours provide brilliance and clean mixing and the natural characteristics of pigments mean that some will be more transparent than others.

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