Da Vinci Cosmotop Mix B Brush (Series 5530)

Size: Size 26
Sale price£61.00


A brush unique to da Vinci, the CosmoTop Mix B is a combination of Kolinsky Red Sable, Russian Blue Squirrel, and Russian Fitch (Black Sable), along with small amounts of synthetic hair.

This brush features the benefits of natural hairs for watercolour: the pointing and edging of sable, the water-holding capacity and wash strokes of squirrel, and the stiffness and durability of fitch.

Round: Large reservoir belly continually supplies the brush tip with colour. The largest sizes maintain their points and their large bellies can be used for mop techniques.

  • Seamless, rust-resistant nickel-plated brass ferrules
  • Short blue lacquered esagonal handles
  • Great mix of holding ability, control and price

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