Globetrotting: Writers Walk the World by Duncan Minshull

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Following on from the huge success of Beneath My Feet: Writers on Walking and Sauntering: Writers Walk Europe, Duncan Minshull brings together over fifty walker-writers who have travelled the world’s seven continents.

With contributions from Edith Wharton, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Darwin, Rabindranath Tagore, D. H. Lawrence, Isabella Bird, Katharine Mansfield, Rachel Carson, Jean-Paul Clébert, Colin Thubron, William Boyd and many more, Globetrotting takes us across the streets of London, Rome, Melbourne, Cairo, Kyiv and Kabul; through the frozen wastes of Antarctica; along the pilgrim paths of Japan; into the jungles of Ghana; around the Great Wall of China.

‘Fifty writers recount their journeys by foot in this delightful compendium ... Hikers, explorers, and those seeking contemplative journeys will be inspired.’
­Publishers Weekly

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