Grasmere (William Heaton Cooper) (Bespoke)

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"I wish you could see Grasmere at this moment - the lake smooth as a silver shield for the most part, but freshn'd by partial currents of air which give relief and coolness to a somewhat sultry and electric atmosphere-the shadow'd clouds drag slowly over the mountain sides, and the smokes mount slowly as a solemn hymn to Heaven"

[Hartley Coleridge: Grasmere (1830) in: Prose of Lakeland - B. L. Thompson, p104]


Here is the classic view of Grasmere which greets any visitor, after rounding the sharp bend of the A591 at Penny Rock Wood; coming from Ambleside in the south.

Painted one late April day in 1965 when the air is crisp and light, William has emphasised the distinctive pyramid shape of one of Lakeland's most well-known and climbed hills - Helm Crag, which ends the ridge that swings up Far Easedale and beyond onto Steel fell. He also skilfully reflects all the subtle tones of the surrounding hills in the calm, transparent waters of Grasmere Lake.

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