On Dogs: An Anthology by Margaret Atwood

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This entertaining anthology offers an array of writers past and present expressing their thoughts about dogs. With a humourous introduction by actor, producer and dog-lover Tracey Ullman. The writers and poets collected within these pages reflect on the joys and pitfalls of dog ownership with brilliant wit, insight, and affection. From Roald Amundsen s account of using and eating sled dogs in his expedition to the South Pole, to J.R. Ackerley s tender portrayal of his ill-behaved dog Tulip, ON DOGS traces the canine s journey from working animal to pampered pet. Introduced by Tracey Ullman (an inveterate adopter of strays), with 6 characterful dog portraits by animal photographer Rhian ap Gruffydd, and cover image by Picasso of his dog Lump. Contributors include Alice Walker, David Sedaris, A.A. Gill, James Thurber, Miranda Hart, Will Self, John Steinbeck, Barbara Woodhouse and many more.

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