Shepherd and Lamb by W J Ophelia Gordon Bell (1883 - 1973)

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Shepherd and Lamb was a sketch model made in plaster for a large stone carving of the same subject "the Good Shepherd", which can be seen outside the Heaton Cooper Studio. It was the start of a series of sculptures that Ophelia made of people from the farming community in the Lake District during the 1960's, some of them modelled on neighbours and acquaintances in the village. The composition of this beautiful sculpture gives it a remarkable solidity, the shepherd's head counterbalanced by the lamb his arms encircle, his long hands framing the base and edge of the form. There is a distinct emotional quality to the work: the sculptor has given a tender nobility to the shepherd's face, but the muscles of his neck are taut  as he turns his gaze, full of compassion, on the poor dumb creature he protects.

Height 20cms, 2.8kg

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