Stelton - Norman Foster Range

Available: Thermo Cup (Porcelain) (Set of 2)
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There is wonderful ambiguity in the power of a curve or a line, whether it is defining a building, a bridge, a skyline, or a vessel. They’re all in a way part of the same family. This is the spirit that is exemplified by the Foster range for Stelton, a sense of unity in diversity. The new Stelton range brings together simple sculptural form and soft geometry, to create exceptionally crafted tableware for a wide range of settings.

Thermo Cup - 8.5 x 9 cm (H x Dia) (Set of 2)

Porcelain Carafe - 1.2 litres (Volume)

Tumbler (Golden) - 10 x 7 cm (H x D)

Wine Tumbler (Golden) - 8 x 8 cm (H x D)

Small Bowl - 7.5 x 36 cm (H x W)

Large Bowl - 4 x 46 cm (H x W)

Jug 2L - 24 x 12.4 cm (H x D)

Carafe with Stopper - 27 x 10.5 cm (H x D)


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