Wastwater Screes - Original Painting by William Heaton Cooper R.I. (1903 - 1995)

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This atmospheric painting depicts Whin Rigg’s spectacular screes and crags, which are shown here dark and brooding under a clouded sky. Wastwater, England’s deepest lake (at 258 feet/79m) is painted showing what appears to be a placid surface, yet the white water around the rocks on its shore on the right give a clue that the water is actually flattened by the downdraft of an imminent storm. Oddly, Wastwater gets its name both from the Old Norse vatn, (water, lake) and the Old English wæter (water)  

Please note this original painting has a small amount of mount burn (acid burn) from a previous mount that was not acid-free. The discolouration is still visible but the painting has been restored, cleaned and framed to a conservation standard here at the gallery.


Set within a walnut brown frame.

Framed Size – 22 x 18 ins

Image Size – 14 x 10 ins

Original Painting by William Heaton Cooper

Please note the colours of the image on the website may vary from the painting in person.

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